Xbox bring Doom and Rage to Game Pass

Does any Xbox owner now not have Game Pass? When it was first launched I didn’t sign up straightaway as I felt it was aimed more at the new Xbox owner, as I already had a vast quantity of the games on offer. But, with the release of all first-party titles straight onto the service (Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4) to name but two, and the constant addition of fairly new titles, its now becoming a must-have service. Their twitter account is also a great follow – someone at Xbox has a great sense of humour! Check it out at @XboxGamePass

The latest two games to be added to the ever-growing list are Doom and Rage from Bethesda, two titles that did pass me by on their original release. Doom was critically applauded upon release, and Rage is probably there to pique interest in the upcoming Rage 2. The only problem is having enough time to play all these games!

Doom – The granddaddy of shooters returns with guns blazing and demon killing on its mind. In 2016, id Software re-defined the word “reboot” with Doom, putting us back in the boots of one of gaming’s most iconic heroes: The Doom Slayer. After being unearthed from a mysterious crypt on the planet Mars, you’ll quickly get back to work slaying hellish demons, wielding incredibly destructive weapons, and executing brutal melee attacks as you work to keep the invasion from Hell at bay – and uncover what sinister secrets the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAV) has locked away.

And once you’re done demon slaying, hop online to engage in some classic multiplayer matches, or build your own competitive maps to share with the larger Doom community thanks to the innovative SnapMap tool.

Rage – After a cataclysmic event nearly destroys the planet, you’ll emerge from cryosleep to a world long lost to law and order, to one that welcomes chaos and despair in id Software’s Rage. In this open-world shooter, you’ll venture out into this “new” world taking on quests, upgrading and driving your vehicle across desolate and foreboding landscapes, and engage in some epic gun-play that the celebrated game studio is so well known for.

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