Gamers have a huge choice of headsets to choose from these days, whether it’s Astro, Turtle Beach, Plantronics or more there is something to suit everybody. It’s not just about gaming these days though, we want to be able to move from consoles to devices and back again with the minimal of fuss. But have you ever tried wearing a traditional headset on tube in London? Sound quality is paramount for any headset, but wearing something that looks like Optimus Prime has crashed into your skull will make you a little bit silly in the real world.

LS30-3Thankfully the newly formed team of Chris Von Huben (founder of Tritton) and Aaron Smith (Engineer at Tritton) have used their vast experience to bring us the LucidSound LS30, which not only sounds great but looks amazing too. In fact, on first impressions you would be hard pushed to think you were buying a gaming headset.

The LS30’s come in two sets of colours, the first set is black with a silver finish and the second set is white with a gold finish – both look great, we were sent the black set  for this review. When it comes to buying headsets, or any gadgets these days, I like to see some great packaging and I wasn’t left disappointed. As you open the box you are greeted with a well put together package with the headset in clear view, in the middle of the box is a subtle holder for all the cables you’ll need to get set up.

In the box you will get:

LS30 Headset

USB Base Station

Removable Boom Mic

2 Port covers

Micro USB Charging Cable

Xbox 360 Chat Cable

Xbox One Chat / Mobile 3.5mm Cable

Optical Cable

Quick Start Guide

The headset is very comfortable to wear, the big thick earcups not only help ensure that you get the best sound possible but that you are getting maximum comfort levels. With the looks nailed you’ll want to go about getting the headset set up, obviously. It’s very simple, there is a usb receiver that needs to go into the side of the Xbox One, connect the optical cable and run that into the back of the machine. Once you’ve made sure you’ve got all your Xbox settings correct you’ll be good to go.

LS30-2The headset outputs stereo audio but the sound you’ll get is pretty impressive, I’ve tested the set across all sorts of titles, including Project Cars GOTY Edition, Homefront: The Revolution, FIFA 16 and SUPERHOT. Even though I wasn’t getting the surround sound experience, I never felt I was missing out either. The sound was rich and managed to create an immersive world no matter the game. They don’t completely block out the outside world, and they leak some sound so at the higher end of the volume scale but it doesn’t take away from the experience.

Not only does the headset look great, but it’s cleverly put together, both earcups act as volume controls for game and voice, press the middle of the cup mutes either of the audio channels, it very neat and simple to use. There are three EQ settings, that increase bass, treble or normal sound. The added bass is pretty cool but I wasn’t a fan of the extra treble.

LS30-1The LS30 lets you handle voice in two ways, you can either use the inbuilt microphone or bust out the detachable boom mic, I’ve never been a fan of inline mics and after a few test it’s clear that using the boom mic is the best option. My fellow players could hear me well enough and that’s all you can really ask for.

Away from the console, the headset handled my eclectic music taste very well too, whether I was listening to game Soundtracks, cheesy pop or heavy rock I could easily pick out the different layers of the music. These will definitely join me in the office to drown out conversations about what happened in last night’s Soap Opera’s!

The LucidSound retails at £129.99 which puts it firmly in the mid-range price for headsets, At this price you are getting a really good headset, it sounds great, is very cleverly put together and will have people looking at you because you’ll look cool as wearing it!