Capture The Flag? No. In “Oh My Godheads” the aim of the game is to Capture The Head. Read on if this piques your interest!

Developed by Spanish company Titutitech and published by the Square Enix Collective, Oh My Godheads is described as the world’s first capture-the-head action game for 1-4 players. According to Titutitech “Capture-the-head is like capture-the-flag, but the flag is an ancient head that’s alive, angry, and after you! Players fight with friends to capture these furious, living heads and bring them back to their team’s plinth…if they can”. Oh My Godheads is local multiplayer/co-op only, there is no online multiplayer mode at all, so is an ideal party game with friends and family for the upcoming festive season.

If you have played games like Castle Crashers or the recent Jump Stars, then you’ll get an idea of what this game is all about. As a solo player you are able to play against AI opposition, but it doesn’t really provide much of a challenge. The fun starts when you play as the game was designed to be played, with friends or family sitting together on the sofa.

There are four different game modes in Oh My Godheads. The main one being the aforementioned Capture The Head. Players are split into two teams and try to pick up the Godhead in the middle of the play area. The goal is to get the head onto a plinth in your opponent’s half. However, you are allowed to attack other players, or throw explosive pies at them to disrupt their attempts. Each Godhead also has a special power, for example, if you carry the Zeus head for long enough you gain the ability to shoot lightning at the opposing teams. This all results in a frenetic battle on one of the colourful but simple play areas.

The other modes include “King Of The Head” where the winner is the team who can keep hold of the head for a requisite amount of time, “Headhunters” which ditches the heads for a standard multiplayer kill-fest, and “Last Man Standing” which awards wins to the survivor of a multiplayer battle. All modes are pretty decent and have lots of customisation so you can set time limits and number of kills to where you want them.

There is also a Trials mode, which is where there is some fun to be had in single player. Each trial requires you to meet a requirement, like killing a certain amount of enemies in a time period, to earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. But there is currently a serious bug in this mode. Once you clear the first ten trials on the Tower, you move to Tower 2 for the next set. This is fine if you continue playing, but as soon as you quit the trials mode there is no way to select past the first ten, meaning your have to start from that point again. I reached out to the devs via the magic of Twitter to report this bug, and they responded by confirming that there was a bug, as the game shouldn’t let you proceed to the next set of trials until you have attained gold in the first ten.

Graphically the game is pretty nice. It is a very simple cartoon style with a lot of character, and although the levels are very simplistic is design, again they are very nice to look at. There are many different characters to choose from, but apart from the design, there are no gameplay advantages to using any of them.

Overall Oh My Godheads is a good solid party game for two or more players. If you are a single player then I would avoid, at least while I think there is a bug on the trials mode. In fact, I was ready to give it quite a middling score based on a single player experience, until I started to play it with my son, and from that point onwards it became a very different game, and reminded me of the fun we had with Overcooked earlier this year. So, if you have friends over for a Christmas party, or want a game to play with the family, then Oh My Godheads is an inexpensive and fun investment.

To find out more about Oh My Godheads please visit the official website.

Thanks to Square Enix and Xbox for supporting TiX!