TT Isle of Man is bloody hard, to be honest I could just end the review right there. I’m (sort of) professional however, so I’ll go into so more detail.

Kylotonn Games have created an excellent simulation that shows you the many perils of racing round the Isle of Man at insane speeds on two wheels.

They have done an excellent job of giving you a sense of really being on the Isle of Man, racing fans will recognise the various iconic locations, starting from Snaefell, through Douglas town to your ascent up to Hailwood’s Height. Switching to racer view really puts you into the action, especially as you find yourself leaning in to corners, it would be a great VR experience. The game has some fictional tracks to rave on, but they feel quite bland when you compare it to Smaefell,

I had to play with assists on, I tried and failed miserably to stay on my bike without them on and struggled to stay on while they were on, it’s a tough ride, despite the simple controls but hardcore fans will love it. With assists off you’ll have to concentrate on things like manual gears and dealing with traction control, beginners will get the racing line that changes colour, letting you know when you need to brake, which can take the fun away from riding.

The main part of TT Isle of Man is the career mode, you buy a bike, you race to earn money to buy a better bike, then rinse and repeat, again, unless you have a real interest in the bikes and Snaefell you are going to get pretty bored playing this. The racing for the most part is quite exciting, but the AI caused me lots of issues, I lost count of the number of time that I was thrown off the bike because the AI felt like taking the racing line right through me, it got tiresome pretty quickly. I seemed to get thrown off my bike far too easily, maybe it just me and it really that hard to stay on these machines, but it seemed a little odd.

During my time reviewing this, I tried to take part in the multiplier, but with little success, there just wasn’t anyone to race against. There is a local multiplier that lets you take turns to get the fastest time possible, but I imagine there won’t be many rushing to play through it.

The trouble with reviewing niche games like this is that you really need to be into that niche! It’s a good looking game, Snaefell is very picturesque and the attention to detail on bike models is superb. I genuinely had fun racing the 37 miles round Snaefell (when I was actually on the bike) but after that, there wasn’t really any need for me to go back to it. Proceed with caution when thinking about picking this up.

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