A Marie Kondo game? We think it’s a good idea

This past weekend the Global Game Jam 2019 took place, challenging hobbyist and professional developers to build a game in 48 hours. This year’s theme was: What home means to you. With that in mind, developers set about producing all manner of games. One concept in particular caught our eye: Marie Kondo.

Netflix has recently released a series called Tidying up with Mar9ie Kondo, and it’s become quite a hit, inspiring people all over to start tidying up their living spaces. In the UK, charity shops have even reported an increase in donations sparked by the show. Indeed the KonMari method of sparking joy by decluttering has become a cultural phenomenon, one that has already spread to gaming.

We here at Thumbstix have become rather taken with the Netflix series and have already started decluttering our own abodes, but of course we’re gamers, so when we saw that multiple Marie Kondo inspired games were created during the game jam, we had to highlight them.

Merry Condo

With the recent trend in cleaning, you’ve felt compelled to download “Tidy app”, where Merry Condo will guide you on how to achieve domestic bliss. Through buying and clearing out furniture, you must look to keep your joy meter as full as possible by fuelling it with exciting new purchases as well as clearing items to make a tidier home. However, after each week Merry Condo’s influence will keep growing and growing to the point so appease her words to stay joyful for as long as possible.

You can find the game jam build here or a wed build here.

Mary Condo’s Clean-Up Simulator

People’s houses need cleaning and decluttering, and Mary Condo is here to help you help them! Read through profiles and fix their house in a way that matches them, removing the unwanted and keeping the sparks of joy.

You can find the game jam build here.

Merry Condo

Make your condo merry! ​Controls: ​LMB to select / RMB to rotate

You can find the game jam build here.

Marie’s Condo

The life-changing game of tidying up! Throw unwanted items out the window and see if you can maximize the overall joy in the room. Your joydar should assist you in gauging the joy in nearby items.

You can find the game jam build here.

Tidy Tidy Home with Marie Kondo

You’ve just moved into your first apartment, but it doesn’t feel quite like home just yet. First, you have to sort through a large pile of items. But don’t worry, Marie Kondo is here to help! In this game, find the items that spark joy and discover the magic of tidying.

You can find the game jam build here.


KÖNDOMINIMUM is a game of home improvement for 2-4 players. Players compete to furnish their apartments in a series of three rounds, assessing how much Joy they are worth at the end of each round. At the end of the game, the player with the most total Joy is the winner.

You can find the game jam build here.

Marie Kondo’s Official Game (ed. Obviously not really official)

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be Marie Kondo? Well she made this game herself to show you.

You can find the game jam build here.

Petty Theft with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s finally made it out of the clink, to find herself in a new neighborhood. Will she use her powers to spark joy for good or evil?

You can find the game jam build here.

There you have it, a bunch of Marie Kondo inspired games. Once you’re done decluttering your own home, there’s plenty of digital ones you can find joy in.

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