Destiny 2: Forsaken review

There may be a chance that if you are reading this review, you may have fallen out with Destiny 2 in the past few months and you are wondering whether you should be looking to jump back once more. Have a read of my thoughts and see how you feel at the end.

I played a hell of a lot of Destiny 2 when it came out, we all loved the game, but after a while, like many others we began to stop enjoying it, then we just stopped playing.

I jumped back in to play the two expansions, which I really enjoyed, but none of my friends were playing so there was no reason to carry on. When Bungie announced Forsaken, I got quite excited, things were taking a dark turn and it looked like Bungie were really trying to get things back on track for the game. Then they announced the pricing and people got angry, was it justified? I think so.

As part of the review code I received, I got the opportunity to boost my character (or a new one) to level 30 so that I could jump straight into the Forsaken campaign, doing this to an older character will mean you may not be able to complete previous campaigns and I thought a fresh start would be good.

The story campaign last between 4-5 hours and was brilliant, as you will have seen in the trailers, things don’t end will for Cayde and the story does its bit to fill in how he ended up how he did, however the bulk of the story follows how his death is avenged. The start of the campaign is full of action, and you’ll be fighting against some fierce new enemies. After the first part of the campaign you’ll get the opportunity to explore the first new area in Forsaken, The Tangled Shores. It here where the story opens up even more and you can get dig into more Destiny Lore. It’s the most enjoyable campaign from Bungie in Destiny for a while. Forsaken has another patrol area, The Dreaming City, already after a couple of resets there are new thing to discover, with new dungeons and secrets to keep the fan base intrigued.

The Dreaming City is also the location of the latest raid the Last Wish. Bungie promised that this would pose as a real challenge to fireteams and they haven’t let people down, I managed to get involved via the Guided Games as my own THUMBSTiX fireteam haven’t made the jump to Forsaken, but without a trusted team the enjoyment is as high for me. However, Bungie have put some real effort into this and it’s good tosse lots of good reports from other guardians.

As you would expect, Forsaken looks incredible, from the wonderful environments that are screaming to be explored to the amazing details in the various cutscenes. Combine it with the great sound design and musical score and the game continues to draw you in.

Gambit, the new PvP/PvE mode is a welcome addition, two teams fight against enemies in their areas and collect motes that need to be deposited, when they reach the required number a final boss appears, whoever kills the boss first wins. Enemy teams can teleport to their opponents area to disrupt progress and if you deposit a large amount of motes in one go tougher enemies appear for your opponents. There appear to be a few balancing issues, but generally it’s a great mode to jump into.

Bungie are clearly trying to make amends for a Rocky year with Destiny 2 – It won’t win everyone over, but for those who have stuck around will be pleased at the efforts they have gone to make amends. The storytelling is fantastic, the gunplay is as exquisite as ever and as you would expect there is a hell of a lot of content there.

My biggest gripe is the fact that you can’t just buy the expansion on its own, it’s all bundled up with the Season Pass from last year and I know for a fact it’s putting people off buying it. Hopefully those who hold out will be able to pick up the content for a decent price, because it’s well worth playing.

Thanks to Activision for supporting THUMBSTiX




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