Kill the Bad Guy review

Kill the Bad Guy is a great physics based puzzler which sees you laying waste to the criminal scum of the world. To do this you’ll set up traps before watching your plan come together in a spectacularly gory fashion.

The game is made up of 60 levels, split across 6 chapters, with some interesting bonus levels thrown in, Zombie fans will be happy. You play as an assassin who is tasked with taking out criminals of all levels, including one who his offensive to somebody’s mum! We don’t care though, we have a job to do.

It has a great art style, which perfectly to help you understand how the game works. Each level is no more than a city block in size which you have a full overview of. Anything that is white can be interacted with, whereas all black items can be used to help you cause the ‘accidental’ deaths. Your target has a field of view that can be turned on or off, they’ll be spooked by suspicious actions so timing is everything.


When you pull off the hit, blood flies everywhere and to prove you have killed them you need to try and catch the tooth that flies out of their skull, well you don’t have to but you’ll want to so that you get the three-star rating. There is also a passport hidden in the map someone too. There are secondary objectives are riddles and clues which add an extra depth to the difficulty.

You’ll use all sorts of real world objects to kill the criminals, pianos, electric wires, cars and dogs, flying ones at that. When you first start a level, you can spend time working out what you need to do, the criminal will walk away and a second day will begin. Again, to get the highest rating you need to kill them on the first day, but you can always just reload the level.

The difficulty ramps up as you move through the chapters, but it’s a fun game to experiment with, the physics works perfectly so when things don’t work out as you expect it’s your fault rather than the game.


The only thing I found myself struggling with were the controls, Kill the Bad guy was PC games previously and it’s easy to see how it would be easier to play the game using a mouse and keyboard. It works well with a controller but I sometimes felt that I could move around as quickly as I would have liked. The game randomly stutters when you reload a level causing you to miss the first few vital second when you are trying to do things quickly.

I really like Kill the Bad Guy, it’s challenging but a lot of fun. The gory deaths are excellent and I really enjoyed the subtle humour in the game, this is well worth your hard earned cash.

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