LEGO The Incredibles review

Based on the success of the original movie it was hardly surprising to hear that The Incredibles 2 would be getting a LEGO based video game, thankfully, LEGO The Incredibles is an excellent addition to the suite of LEGO titles already available.

Lego The incredibles will give you the opportunity to play through campaigns of both movies, while giving you opportunity in between to explore the open world of the game to fight crime and discover what the world has to offer.

I was a little disappointed at first to discover that you would play through The Incredibles 2 first, considering the game and film release in the UK at the same time it might well spoil some of the story for fans. I figured playing through the first movie may introduced the family of incredibles a bit better for those who may not have seen the film.

Nevertheless, the story campaigns are fun to play through, on your own or in local co-op. Certainly the levels seemed a bit easier than some of the LEGO Batman games, you were directed what to do most of the time, and the puzzles were never particularly difficult. Each character you get to play has a special move that you can unleash after you bash enough baddies up, Elasticgirl unleashes a volley of punches and kicks to anyone within 10 feet of her, while dash runs round as fast as possible destroying anything in sight.

Each character gets the chance to use their super abilities during the game to help you progress through each level, Frozone can freeze areas and create ice sculptures, while Mr Incredible uses his strength to smash through to new areas. Violet use her force fields to access more dangerous areas and works with dash to create a speedy force field. Every character you unlock has their own unique special power, so there is plenty to discover.

A new feature that has been introduced is the group build, during certain sections you’ll need to collect incredibricks and when you have enough each character stands on a platform. A little button bashing game begins and when it’s complete you’ll build an item to help you on your way. It’s not significantly different to a master build from the LEGO Movie game but it feels different enough to keep it interesting. Each of the levels are entertaining, as per most of my LEGO reviews a lot of time is spent watching my two sons play the game, since it’s aimed at their age group, the cries of ‘This is Awesome!’ were heard many times.

Away from the story missions there is an open world for you to explore. Municiberg very much has a Pixar feel about it especially since there are group builds here to which unlock characters from Pixar movies including Finding Dory, Cars 3 and more. You’ll need to collect more Incredibricks to unlock the builds. Throughout the city there are red and gold bricks to collect as well as lots of side missions, grouped in to Crime Waves, depending on how far through the story you are.

Lego The Incredibles feels as though it has been made even easier than other LEGO games, gold bricks don’t take any effort to find and when you do it’s just a matter running over them rather than having to solve a puzzle. Levels feel more simple too, which lends to the younger audience the film is aimed at. Visually the game looks great, but it’s let down by the voice acting, my sons were quick to tell me that the characters didn’t have the right voices, they soon enough forgot but it was an interesting reaction.

LEGO The Incredibles isn’t incredible, but it’s a good enough game that will keep the family entertained during the holidays.



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