Welcome to THUMBSTiX

When we first began working on ThisIsXbox, we had a lot of work to do to get the site to standard we were happy with. We got there but we took over the site well into its life and we were plugging holes. There was almost too much work that was needed to be done on the backend.

We were also conscious that we didn’t just want to cover Xbox anymore. The team are made up of gamers who have some or all of the latest consoles and we wanted our writing to reflect that. We rebranded to TiX, but again it felt like we were doing the same.

We thought about a new site, it would be easier to maintain, and would allow us to start from scratch, but we couldn’t find a name. The one day I got a message from Ady:

What about THUMBSTiX?

I told Rich about it and within 30 mins I’d bought the domains and set up all the social channels!

Getting the site ready

Over the past three months we have been quietly working away on getting the site ready. Now we are ready to share it with you, we’d love to know what you think.

Welcome to THUMBSTiX!

Dave Moran
Hello! I'm the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the site. I play too much Rocket League (and Fortnite for that matter) and I wish I was better at Rainbow Six Siege!

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