Just Dance 2019 busts its moves onto console today

While many of us wake to adventures in the Wild West, others just want to dance – which is great because Just Dance 2019 is here to add a beat into your day.

Packed with forty new tracks it’s not just the current gen consoles that get to party hard, with the game also releasing onto Wii U, Wii and Xbox 360. New to this year’s instalment is a brand new UI, making the game more “accessible and customisable than ever”. With Kids mode returning, Just Dance 2019 is perfect for little ones who just want to dance without being heavily penalised by a brutal score progression.

Subscription to Ubisoft’s Just Dance Unlimited – with a free one-month trial included with the game – pushes the catalogue of danceable tracks well over 400 – best just off that lycra and make sure to do your stretches!

Rich Berry
After leading ThisisXbox (TiX) alongside Dave Moran and evolving the site into ThumbsTiX, these days you will find me as a contributor and reader on the site.

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