Destiny 2: Forsaken – The Last Wish Raid Is Live!

Raids are always everyone’s favourite part of Destiny, and the Forsaken update means that there is a new one for us to tackle. The Last Wish Raid went live on September 14th at 6pm BST – Just how long will it be until it is beaten!

No spoilers here and all Bungie have given away is the following – “Assemble a team… Send them into the heart of the City. Kill that creature and extract its heart. The riches of the Dreaming City await those who are victorious.”

Adrian Garlike
Ady has been gaming for more years than he can remember, from a Commodore Vic 20 to the Xbox One X and multiple consoles and computers in-between. He loves the gaming community and culture, but hates the toxicity that it brings. Please gamers, lets be excellent to each other!

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