Fortnite is earning a fortune on iOS, and Epic is giving some of it back to Creators

Epic’s cash-cow Fortnite seems like it’s never going to stop printing money if the latest figures are anything to go by. Since it’s release as a beta on iOS back in March, Fortnite has brought in $300 million (around £228.6 million) just on iOS alone, according to data from Sensor Tower.

65% of this income came from US residents, with an estimate of $20 million earned in the week following the beginning of Season 6, the latest season in Fortnite. It’s estimated that $1.5 million is earned per day on the iOS version, with it rising to $2.5 million daily since Season 6 kicked off.

The Android version of Fortnite came later on in the year, with a private beta beginning on August 9. However, it’s still brought in $60 million to-date for Epic.

Epic Games is sharing some of the love when it comes to this incredible income. The company announced that Fortnite community creators will receive a cut for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by players in-game. That works out at $5 for selected community creators, which is a way of showing support to your favourite creators.

Bear in mind that this deal is only for a limited time and you have to go through a few steps in order for creators to receive a cut of your purchase.

When buying V-Bucks, either through the Battle Royale or Save The World store, you can enter the a participating Creator’s Epic tag via the “Support a Creator” button. You’ll find that in the Item Shop of the Battle Royale mode or the Loot tab in Save the World.

Creators will then receive the small cut of your purchase. It will also apply to free V-Bucks players have earned.
Creators will receive earnings scaled to the number of players who chose to support them. The support will last for 14 days, but players can choose a different creator every time.

It’s a way of saying thank you to Creators according to Epic, but it will only run from October 8 through to December 31.

If you’re a Creator and wish to apply for the event, it accepts video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, cosplayers, musicians and community builders. If you meet the criteria, head over to Epic’s site to apply.

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