Gator Rush DLC races onto The Crew 2

Gator Rush is the first piece of DLC headed to The Crew 2 and best of all… it’s free. New to the race are hovercrafts, meaning the gap between land and water is well and truly bridged, leaving only the skies to the planes – helicopters next please!

Alongside a new discipline for the hovercrafts, there’s also a new Live Xtrem Series and skills to unlock. For the ultimate racer there’s a new harder difficulty to best – Ace Mode – which rewards Legendary loot for those good enough to best the challenge.

If you are yet to be tempted by the delights of the open world of The Crew 2, why not jump in when the game (and this new DLC) goes free-to-play from 27-30 September on Uplay PC. The full game is then getting a whopping 45% discount during the free weekend for PS4 and PC.

Rich Berry
After leading ThisisXbox (TiX) alongside Dave Moran and evolving the site into ThumbsTiX, these days you will find me as a contributor and reader on the site.

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