New operators revealed for Rainbow Six Siege: Grim Sky

Ubisoft have released details of the two new operators and the re-work to the Hereford Base map released with the upcoming Grim Sky update. Maverick is our first new operator, an attacker who comes equipped with the suri torch, used to burn through any reinforced barriers or walls, making different sized holes in order to create the perfect sight-lines for a sneaky attack. Maverick also comes equipped with a claymore, either to be used to cover his back whilst hes creating that hole, or to set as a sneaky trap through a newly created hole, for unaware defenders.

Clash is the new defender, the first ever to come equipped with a shield. This indestructible CCE shield covers the whole front of her body and also is equipped with a Taser which can slow and damage enemies within range. The taser needs to be used sparingly though, as it needs to be recharged when not in use, and will need recharging fully if you run the battery right down. Obviously you are susceptible to Thatcher’s EMP, but also to any melee attacks which cause Clash to momentarily drop her guard.

The Hereford Base map is also getting an overhaul in Grim Sky, with the bland aesthetics of the old map being replaced with WW2 fighter planes. The cramped interior has been improved, with a new set of internal stairs, meaning the balance of the map has been improved in favour of the attackers and to improve the overall rotation of the squad.. Ubisoft has commented that actually it should be treated as a new map, whilst retaining a familiar feeling.

Ubisoft finally gives us a look at the Hereford Base map rework for Rainbow Six Siege


Adrian Garlike
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