Hitman 2 gets its first Elusive Target

First of all let me just re-iterate that in a two week period we are getting Hitman 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76. This is that exact moment where a simple, non-life threatening, non-painful illness needs to occur, in order to give you a month or so off work. Cough…..no boss…….I still feel awful……..

Anyways, the most fun and challenging part of Hitman Season 1 is back. The first elusive target has been teased by IO Interactive, and will require Agent 47 to tackle The Undying. That’s all we know for now, with a full reveal coming on October 17th. As The Pointer Sisters sang “I’m So Excited”

A new video in the “How to Hitman” series has also been released, which shows off the Tools of the Trade at Agent 47’s disposal. In Hitman 2, the path to eliminating a target is scattered with different tools to get the job done efficiently. Whether it’s remote exploding cellphones, audio distractions, proximity tasers, disposable scramblers or strategic use of mirrors, a player’s proficiency will determine whether Agent 47 makes it to the finish line in one piece


ICYMI – Santa Fortuna trailer shows Hitman 2 in the Columbian Jungle

Adrian Garlike
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