Sea of Thieves gets a Gold and Glory weekend

Good news for all you Pirates out there, as Sea Of Thieves is getting a weekend event called Gold and Glory which will boost your in-game earnings.

From 11am GMT on Friday 15th March to 11am GMT on Monday 18th March, all players will earn a huge boost in gold and reputation rewards simply by delivering their spoils to the Trading Companies. Yes, you’ll get far more gold and glory for the same amount of work, thanks to the Companies deciding that it’s time to bring in fresh blood and dish out some pirate promotions. All you need to do to profit from this is take to the Sea of Thieves while the event is live, cashing in chests, skulls and other trade goods as normal!

This event comes one week before the one year anniversary of the original release. Of course the game has changed and improved beyond recognition since launch, and at a recent event Rare promised some big news for the future of the game on it’s actual anniversary on March 20th. This will take the form of a new trailer detailing the next big update.

Rare have also recently announced that the Insider program for Sea Of Thieves is returning, this time and its a bit more open than previous. The Insider program is there to test new features at a scale that can’t really be replicated in a closed environment. Of course, participation is heavily NDA’d, and any information leaking will be punished by your removal from the program.


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