Tech Corp release date announced

Tech Corp. is a game where you try to become the biggest tech company in the world . Your goal is to become the next big shot in the tech industry, starting  your company in the early 90’s and trying to survive in to present day.

You’re in charge of creating and designing new products such as consoles, phones, tablets, and computers. You are responsible for all aspects of a product, from the software, the manufacturing, and even the release and marketing.

Create a wide variety of products each with their own unique requirements and challenges.

Play through 30 years worth of history! Each product can quickly become outdated, so carefully plan out your progression path to make sure you meet consumer needs. If you’re not careful, competitors will leave you behind in the dust!

Build and design your own Factories! Allocate your resources, and distribute proper workloads to make sure you reach your production targets.

Tech Corp. will be released on Steam on June 20th.

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