Ant Workshop and Headup bringing you a Dead End Job

Ever fancied a job as a real-life buster of ghosts? Now’s your chance as upcoming rogue-like twin-stick shooter Dead End Job is looking for ghost exterminators after an unfortunate work accident has opened up some positions. Developed by Scottish studio Ant Workshop and published by Headup Games, Dead End Job is awaiting its release date for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

Dead End Job sends you into a madcap, 90’s Ren & Stimpy-esque world to catch ghosts. It’s a rogue-like twin-stick shooter with buddy co-op that straps a vacuum pack to your back and puts a plasma blaster in your hand. You take on the role of Hector Plasm, a worker at Ghoul-B-Gone – ‘the Number One experts in paranormal pest control’ – as you’re tasked with heading to haunted offices, restaurants, and other everyday buildings before freeing them of unwanted guests. One minute you’re sucking up spectres, the next you’re sucking up to your bosses, chasing that promotion.

Exercise that fighting spirit, since every spectre you snag and every resident you rescue is added to your client’s bill at the end of the job. Haunted by the ghost of your mentor, quite literally, you must learn the ropes and to save her soul before she’s forced to spend eternity as a spook! Play alone or bust ghosts with a buddy in drop in/drop out co-op that works seamlessly within the main adventure. Plus you can play to an audience with Twitch and Mixer interactivity that allows viewers to help or hinder your assault on the afterlife.

Ant Workshop is an independent game developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Founded by ex-Rockstar Games Lead Designer Tony Gowland in 2015 to  focus on developing original IP and interesting games with an off-beat  sense of humour. The first major game release from Ant Workshop, Binaries, released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016 and was  nominated for a BAFTA Scotland ‘Best Game’ award.


Adrian Garlike
Ady has been gaming for more years than he can remember, from a Commodore Vic 20 to the Xbox One X and multiple consoles and computers in-between. He loves the gaming community and culture, but hates the toxicity that it brings. Please gamers, lets be excellent to each other!

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