Predator: Hunting Grounds announced for a 2020 release

Developer Illfonic have announced that they are working on Predator: Hunting Grounds, which is due for release in 2020 exclusively on the PS4 (or maybe PS5). Developed in partnership with Fox and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Predator: Hunting Grounds will be a multiplayer only title where one player will take the role of the alien killing machine and the other players will be the Swarzenegger-esque marines trying to kill it. Illfonic have some experience with these types of games, with the recent success of Friday the 13th: The Videogame, where one player plays as Jason and the others play as escaping campers.

Illfonic CEO Charles Brungardt stated “Not only do these powerhouses (Fox and Sony) believe in our vision, which has made this a dream project, they understand what we want to create. They have given us so much to work with and are empowering us to create something new for fans, while expanding the lore of the Predator.”


Adrian Garlike
Ady has been gaming for more years than he can remember, from a Commodore Vic 20 to the Xbox One X and multiple consoles and computers in-between. He loves the gaming community and culture, but hates the toxicity that it brings. Please gamers, lets be excellent to each other!

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